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Collaborative Divorce Specialist in Muskoka

Barbara Browne BSW ESW, a collaborative divorce specialist in Muskoka, works with divorcing clients, collaborative divorce lawyers, and financial planners for effective conflict resolution. This approach successfully diverts families from the court system toward agreements on child custody and access, property, and economic issues.

Barbara is a dedicated parent coach, assisting parents in making healthy parenting plans for their children. As a seasoned child therapist and counsellor, she can assist with guiding children affected by separation. Barbara's primary objective in working with her clients is to help them achieve a ‘Divorce with Dignity’ and help them, through Divorce Mediation, arrive at an out-of-court settlement.

Barbara believes in a collaborative divorce process, a respectful resolution to separation and divorce. Call now to learn more about this!

Collaborative Law: It's about respect, it’s about integrity, it's about your family.


What Are the Benefits of Collaborative Family Law?


Collaborative family law is an alternative dispute resolution process for families facing legal issues. This method emphasizes collaboration instead of litigation,  enabling both parties to cooperate in finding a mutually beneficial solution.


Opting for collaborative family law provides various advantages over traditional litigation. By choosing this approach, you can:


  • Collaborate with your former spouse or partner to find a resolution that works for both of you.

  • Minimize expenses and time spent by steering clear of court proceedings and lengthy legal disputes.

  • Retain more significant influence over the outcome by actively participating in decision-making

  • Benefit from the expertise of a team comprising legal professionals, financial experts, and mental health professionals.

  • Prioritize the well-being of your family over the idea of "winning" the case.


With this approach, the parties are empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of their family, and the process is less adversarial and more respectful. Opting for collaborative family law enables families to mitigate the emotional and financial burdens typically associated with traditional litigation. 


You can also watch this video to learn more about collaborative law:


Collaborative Law: It's about respect, it’s about integrity, it's about your family.

If you have questions about collaborative divorce, family law, or other counselling services in Muskoka, mail them. Barbara will promptly respond to your questions and provide the assistance you need!

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Are you looking for guidance in your collaborative divorce process in Muskoka? Let Barbara Browne, BSW RSW, be your guide. With over 30 years of experience providing counselling and therapy services, Barbara can assist you in navigating the challenges of collaborative divorce. Book an appointment today to initiate the first step towards a positive and amicable resolution.

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Reach out to your go-to collaborative divorce specialist in Muskoka - Barbara Browne BSW RSW.

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